Global Health AOC Scholarly Project

Students interested in pursuing global health research or a future career in global health may choose to engage in a Global Health related AOC Scholarly Project.  Students should discuss this with your 'Pathway Leaders' who can help connect you with Global Health Faculty to find a mentor who is doing work in an area of interest. There are additional resources on the AOC website: and the WCM Center for Global Health website: If you are looking for potential Global Health AOC advisors – in addition to searching Weill Cornell VIVO profiles, please also review the Center for Global Health Core Faculty:

Your Faculty Mentor and AOC-specific advisors are responsible to help you develop a project and coordinate the logistics if it happens to be an internationally based project. The IMSE Office does NOT directly develop or mentor students regarding AOC projects or place them at international sites. Once an international/Global Health related AOC project has been established, the student must submit the "AOC related International Travel Form" (see Student Resources below) to the IMSE Office at  The IMSE Office and International Electives Committee (IEC) will review your application and provide approval for travel once the location is deemed safe - but again, IMSE does not review or provide feedback on the project itself. It is the responsibility of you and your supervising faculty member to ensure you have met all requirements for conducting research/QI/Community based projects at your international location (i.e: you must ensure local IRB and ethics committee approval in addition to that at WCM when indicated). 

If you are in early stages of discussion with a faculty member about a potential global health related AOC project and wish to ask if the location/country would be approved by the IMSE/IEC - then please do have your faculty advisor contact us directly to discuss! 

Student Resources

AOC IMSE Related Travel Request Form 

Student Travel Handbook

Global Health Faculty List


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