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Global Health AOC Scholarly Project

As part of the WCMC curriculum reform, all students beginning with the Class of 2018 are required to identify an Area of Concentration (AOC). The Global Health Curriculum is offered as an AOC.

The Global Health AOC is designed to prepare WCMC students to be future leaders in global health through a longitudinal elective program featuring didactic course work, experiential learning, and a mentored pathway for engaging with resource-poor communities. Students participate in interactive didactic session, mentored research, and field experiences tailored to the student's personal interest.

Goals and Learning Objectives:
  • To acquire a perspective of the transnational, global nature of health and disease
  • To identify global health priorities
  • To examine how ethnic, social, behavioral, economic, sociocultural, and political factors influence morbidity and mortality

It is imperative for medical students to acquire knowledge of the global burden of disease including understanding factors (social, behavioral, political, and economic) that contribute to disease in developed and developing countries as well as understanding sociocultural differences, beliefs, and norms of their patients and how these factors influence morbidity and mortality.

AOC Information & Procedures

If you want to do a Global Health AOC, we encourage you to reach out to global health faculty listed in this booklet to find a mentor in your area of interest. Many of the faculty listed above welcome students to engage with their work abroad. For questions about the AOC process, contact the AOC Coordinator Kimya Gittens at: kig7009@med.cornell.eduContact Drs. Laura Greisman or Radikha Sundararajan at or Dr. Dan Fitzgerald ( for further details about completing the Global Health AOC and for any questions about WCMC requirements.

General AOC Timeline:

MS2: In November, declare AOC and mentor for Individual Scholarly Project
MS3: In October, submit mentor approved Scholarly Project Proposal to AOC Program
MS4: Submit final Scholarly Project Written Report

Student Resources

Student Travel Handbook
Global Health Education Student Guidebook
PDF icon Global Health Faculty List
AOC IMSE  Related Travel Request Form

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