Visiting Student Reflections

Elizabeth Simon Romero, Kerlida Marisol Santos Moreno, Diego Eduardo Rey Rodriguez

San Fernando Medical School -- National University of San Marcos
February, 2015

Hi, we are Sonia, Kerlida and Diego, medical students from Lima, Peru. We are from San Fernando Medical School -- National University of San Marcos. These are our experiences in our respective rotations in Weill Cornell Medical Colle

Elizabeth Simon Romero:
01/05/15 – 03/01/15 “ During these amazing rotations I’ve been through difference challenging experiences and I’ve met marvelous attending, residents and fellows who were willing to answer my questions and to teach me as far as they could. I did a 4 -­‐ weeks rotation in the Infectious Diseases Department during January and also in February I did the rotation in Dermatology Department. Those experiences encourage me to decide my future specialty.”

Kerlida Marisol Santos Moreno:
02/02/15 – 03/01/1 5 ‘This was an amazing experience; I can say that it fulfilled the expectations I had when I applied. I did a rotation in the Pediatrics Hematology/Oncology and it was a very enriching experience from the very beginning. I had the opportunity to see patients with diseases I hardly see in my country. I had a very organized schedule during my rotation; there were specific days to see patients with thalassemia, leukemia, von willebrand diagnosis, etc. and in Wednesday’s afternoons we had rounds where the attendings give their opinion about the cases. Finally, I enjoyed the labor relations and work ing conditions.”

Diego Eduardo Rey Rodriguez:
02/02/15 – 03/01/15 “ It was an enriching experience because I learned about the technology, the main medical procedures and I saw interesting cases. At first I was afraid because i t was my first experience in the U.S .A , but when I arrived here I realized that there was a very friendly environment between the attendings, residents and students. Not only did I learn about the American culture, but also about other cultures like Indian, Ukrainian, etc: and I shared my own culture with them.

Ha Lim Lee

Capital Medical University, Beijing, China
Department of Otolaryngology
July, 2014

I have always been interested in how diverse ethnic groups coexist in a multicultural society, and how medical systems work in a highly developed society. I was very excited about going to NYC to explore these questions. I found my answers through the elective program.

Everything I saw and heard was a learning experience. I saw lots of special cases. It felt a little bit overwhelming at the beginning, since everything was so different from China and Korea. Thanks to all the great people I met, who helped me through the process, I became an active part of the team very quickly.

During the elective program I spent most of my time in the OR. I enjoyed being in the OR room and was so happy to work with Dr. Kuhel. It was exciting to see cases that I had never seen before. Attendings and residents never hesitated to answer questions about any step of the procedures. I was also lucky to attend the anatomy dissection, through which I developed a thorough understanding of head and neck anatomy. In the clinic, I learned how to perform dedicated head and neck examination through close observation. Dr. Stewart's conference, Journal club, radiology rounds, tumor boards, and lectures have furthered my understanding of the indications, risks, and contraindications of a wide variety of Otolaryngologic surgical procedures for adult and pediatric patients. In the last day of the elective program, I presented about the role of genetic markers in thyroid nodules. I learned a lot while preparing the presentation. It was a challenge and a great privilege to present in the grand rounds.

This elective program has inspired me so much and triggered me to further move on. I will never forget what I learned here. Thank you to Dr. Finkel, Dianne, Yasmine, and Dr. Stewart for giving me this great opportunity. I would like to express appreciation to our chi

Hauwa Daniwa Balami

Trinity College - Dublin, Ireland
Pediatric Neurology

My four-week elective at NewYork-Presbyterian was a great experience. At first I didn't know what to expect and how these weeks would turn out but in the end I learned a lot and worked with amazing and talented people. Everyone was warm, friendly, and always there to teach and help.

My first two weeks were focused on inpatients and hospital consults. Each morning, there was a morning report followed by team (attending, fellow, residents, medical student) rounds and after that it was consults, noon neurology conferences, radiology or other multi-disciplinary conference for the rest of the day. Every Monday there was a pediatric neurology teaching meeting.

My later two weeks were spent in an out-patient clinic and this was very good for learning, more face-time with attendings and seeing various neurological diseases such as Neurofibromatosis, Charcot Marie Tooth, Neuromuscular diseases, and Epilepsy. The various clinics were Headache, Trauma, Movement disorders, Epilepsy, Neurofibromatosis, Autism, and other developmental disabilities. Time spent at the clinic was a good opportunity to interact and learn from various attendings in the department.

Making new friends with others in the program and exploring New York together was a great experience. Thank you to Dr. Finkel, Dianne Young, and everyone at the office of global health education.

Luis Gabriel Yllescas Estela

San Fernando Medical School - National University of San Marcos, Peru
Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Cardiology, Ambulatory and Inpatient
January, 2014

When I was accepted for doing electives at Weill Cornell Medical College, I knew it was going to be one of the most invaluable experiences in my life. Weill Cornell Medical College is an outstanding institution and New York-Presbyterian Hospital; one of the U.S. top ranked hospitals. Indeed, the number one in New York.

My first elective was Pediatric Endocrinology, I was really excited and eager to start this rotation because this specialty truly fascinates me and I knew that I was going to be part of an important team. It was certainly amazing the broad variety of cases I could see, included those we study from the book and think are extremely rare to find in real life. The attendings were actually wonderful, they were predisposed to answer my questions and to create a happy and warm environment; they as the residents and fellows made me feel part of the team. I had the opportunity to make a presentation with the Chief of the Department, attendings and fellows, after that speech, with Dr. Censani we agreed on reporting the case, now we are about to submit the paper to a journal. I am really grateful with Dr. Antal and Dr. Censani, they are really admirable, as the whole Pediatric Endocrinology team.

During my second month, Pediatric Cardiology really captivated me, the attendings taught me how to read and interpret pediatric ECG's and Echos in a very didactic and funny way. I was allowed to be the first who saw the patient, made the history, the physical exam and then presented the case to the attending. As part of the rotation, I presented a case, showed the whole follow-up, from clinics until the catheterization and after, reviewed the topic and discussed it with my attending, Dr. Steinberg, a dedicated and excellent teacher!. He always asked me challenging questions; these were boosts to always strive myself.

Finally, I would like to express gratitude to Dr. Finkel and Mrs. Dianne Young, they were extremely lovely and made me feel like at home!. This is an experience that has marked me for the rest of my life. I really appreciate the opportunity of practicing medicine at NYP hospital through WCMC, making Cornell's and International's friends and living in NYC. This unforgettable experience drives me to see further, go further!

Aylin Gungor

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey
Clinical Oncology
September, 2013

I was extremely lucky to get a chance to come to New York, the city I had always dreamed about visiting, and rotate at NYPH in Paediatric Surgery. Starting from the orientation on the first day to the exit interview on the last day, every experience was an out-of-world experience for me.
The month I spent in New York studying at Weill Cornell Medical College was the biggest experience that I have had in my life in terms of both medical and social life. It was a pleasure to study one of my interests, clinical oncology, at the Weill Cornell Presbyterian Hospital which is the best of New York. I was the first student coming from my university and I was so excited and thoughtful about how the internship will be and what they will expect from me. I had a very friendly welcome at our orientation meeting and all the information and facilities were provided us to make us feel as a member of WCMC.

I worked with the oncology team as a consultation service. We rounded inpatient services with a fellow and our attending professor every day. I had a chance to observe how much these physicians are concerned with their patients' opinions, families, lives and comfort. They were very helpful and instructive. That hospital was a very well-run and all the staff - social workers, occupational workers, physiotherapist, and nurses - do great work in their patient care. I also was given the responsibility on some patients to get their histories, do physical examinations, present to my attending and write patient notes to the system. I attended ground rounds and case discussions that include new approaches to some medical situations. That was great!

In my spare time, I discovered the huge but lovely city New York. I love this city so much. I would love to come and live the magic again. Thanks to Mrs. Dianne Young, Dr. Madelon Finkel and all the members of Office of Global Health Education who helped us to have a great elective.

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