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Application Requirements

***COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note that all international rotations at WCM have been cancelled until further notice***

Thank you for your interest in the Visiting International Students Program. The information provided here details what is required for a complete application, as well as important details to help guide you in the process.

Use the below instructions along with the printable checklist to ensure your application is complete prior to sending. This will prevent delays in the processing of your application.

Note: Do not contact individual clinical sponsors for information on vacancies, elective availability, placement etc. Coordinate your requests with the Office of Global Health Education. Those who contact clinical departments directly will be disqualified from participating in the program.

PDF icon Click here for a printable checklist for students applying to our program.

To send your application documents securely:

Please follow the below instructions to securely submit your application documents.

  1. Go to, attach all required documents and send
  2. Afterwards, send a separate email to indicating that you have sent your application
  3. Once the files are downloaded, you will receive an email notification indicating the files were received

Note: All documents should be sent as PDF, JPG or Microsoft Word files only. All files must be labeled indicating the document type as per the list below. Additionally, all file names must include the first and last name of the applicant. If your files are not labeled properly, you will be asked to resend them.

Below is a list of documents required for a complete application:

1. Visiting International Students Application Form

  • Elective Codes section: use the four-letter department code with the four-digit specialization code for each elective you are interested in. We recommend indicating 6-9 elective codes (i.e. MEDC 8174, MEDC 8108, etc). Do not list the same elective code more than once.
  • Dates section: follow the date ranges listed in the course catalog only (i.e. Start MM/DD - End MM/DD/YEAR). Applicants can indicate a maximum of 3 months. If the dates are not updated in the course catalog for the months you plan to apply for, use the current catalog’s date ranges and elective options offered on your application form.

Note: While we attempt to accommodate student’s top choices, you will be considered for all combinations of electives and dates indicated on your application form. Therefore, you need only mention an elective code or date range once. If you are available for the full month, indicate only the month, and not the 2-week elective durations. Additionally, placement during the summer months (July and August) is lower than the rest of the year. This is because July is the start of the academic year, and many electives do not host international students in the summer. We recommend considering alternative months if possible.

2. Dean/Registrar Verification Form

  • The Dean or Registrar’s office of your medical school must complete this form.
  • Dates must correspond with the elective dates indicated on the application form.

3. Dean's Letter of Recommendation

A recommendation letter on official letterhead is required from the Dean of your medical school. It must contain the following:

  • You are a full time student in your final year of medical school with your expected date of graduation
  • You are in good academic standing
  • The language of instruction at your medical school (English or otherwise)
  • Your university allows you to participate in the Visiting International Student Elective Program at Weill Cornell Medicine

Note: The dean's letter must explicity state "expected date of graduation". This will prevent delays in processing of your application. If the letter does not clearly state your "expected date of graduation", you will be asked to provide an revised letter from your dean’s office.

4. Health Statement Form

Your physician must complete this form.

NoteClick here for the printable Health Statement FAQ with answers to common questions.

5. Statement of Intent

A one-page, single-spaced statement written by the applicant that may include reasons for pursuing a medical career, for choosing specific electives, etc.

6. Curriculum Vitae (CV) with Photo

Your CV should include:

  • Information about your higher education (medical school, undergraduate and highschool)
  • Work experience, as well as any professional activities, publications or research in progress, volunteer work, conferences, presentations, etc. 
  • Dates for all activities listed

Note: Purdue Owl's Writing the Curriculum Vitae provides a guide for CV formatting. Templates can also be found online.

7. Official Transcripts with grades/marks

Your transcript must be on official letterhead issued by your dean’s office and should include:

  • Clerkship marks. If your transcript does not include these, you must provide other official evaluative documents showing your clerkship marks
  • A key for your university’s grading system 

8. Proof of Payment for Application Fee

  • There is a $300 non-refundable application fee that must be paid at the time of application
  • Accepted forms of payment are PayPal or personal check
  • Proof of payment should be sent in the form of a screenshot of the completed PayPal transaction, including the transaction number, in PDF format


***COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note that all international rotations at WCM have been cancelled until further notice***

To submit your application fee through PayPal, click here.

Note: Please only use the PayPal link provided to submit your application fee. The Office of Global Health Education is not responsible for payments submitted incorrectly. Any bank or transfer fees that may be incurred are the responsibility of the applicant and do not count towards the fee amounts.

PERSONAL CHECK: To send a personal check via airmail, please email for approval and instructions prior to submitting your application.

Note: Payments should only be submitted via personal check if you are experiencing technical issues with PayPal or if your country/bank does not allow for the use of PayPal

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your application, please email

Cancellation Policy

It is recommended that all applicants review our cancellation policy before applying.

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