Fourth Year International Electives

Senior medical students can apply for clinical international elective experiences at one of our partner sites during the Spring Semester of their 4th year. International clinical electives provide students with an opportunity to learn about health care systems and care delivery in other parts of the world. There is a wide range of clinical electives offered in multiple countries around the world. Weill Cornell Medical College has bilateral medical student exchange partnerships with medical schools on every continent except Antarctica! The clinical experiences range from 4 weeks (for several of the US-EU partnerships and WCM-Qatar electives) with the remainder of the clinical electives requiring 6-8 week duration.  Applications are reviewed by the IMSE Office and Weill Cornell International Elective Committee and once a student has been conditionally approved, the IMSE Co-Directors will connect them with the partner site coordinator to continue the application and elective placement process. Please see the resources below for more information on MS4 Clinical International Electives including application procedures and timeline, listings of our partner programs including details about the program requirements and descriptions of former student experiences.

Application Information and Procedures

Pre- and Post-Travel Requirements

Partner Programs

Fourth Year WCM Student Stories from the Field

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