MS1 Summer International Projects

During the summer after their first year, students can apply for an 8-week mentored international projects with WCM and local/host institution faculty mentors. Students work with researchers and health care providers across the globe where they experience health care delivery in diverse settings. Projects typically have a research, quality improvement, epidemiology, public health, or service-learning focus. First year summer experiences are NOT clinically based and applications are rigorously reviewed by the International Elective Committee to ensure projects are ethically sound, compliant with WCM and local host research and IRB requirements and within a student’s scope of practice. Please see the resources below for more information on MS1 Summer Projects including application procedures and timeline, resources to finding a faculty research mentor and descriptions of former students’ summer experiences.

Application Information

Pre- and Post-Travel Requirements

MS1 Summer Project Options

Stories From the Field 


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