Next Steps for Approved Students

If you received an official acceptance letter- congratulations on your placement! The below information details next steps so you can successfully secure your placement and prepare for your elective.

File Click here for a printable checklist of next steps for approved students.

Note: You should only complete the below steps once you have received an official elective offer.

1. Respond to our elective offer within one week to inform us whether you accept or decline the elective  via email to Dianne Young.

2. Obtain a B1/B2 visitor’s visa no later than one week prior to the start of your elective.
  • This is if you are not in possession of other valid forms of entry to the US. If you have a question regarding what visas are acceptable, please send an email to Dianne Young.

As a reminder, please use our file transfer system to securely submit your elective documents. Specify Dianne Young as the intended recipient.

After you obtain your visa, continue with the below steps.

3. Submit your deposit of $500 to secure your placement. All fees must be paid (and proof submitted) at least 1 month in advance of your elective start date.
  • Visit the Weill Cornell Medicine Payment Portal.  Please click here to sign in.  For step by step instructions, please click here

4. Reserve your flight and housing no later than one week prior to the start of your elective.
  • Use the electives dates and the Orientation details advised in the elective offer to guide your bookings. Students must make their own flight and housing arrangements.
  • Visit our Housing page for suggestions.

5. Complete the Infection Control online exam.

6. Complete and scan your NYSED application form.

7. Obtain a $30 personal check and make payable to: New York State Education Dept. Mail the following four documents with your $30 personal check to the NYSED address listed on the NYSED application form (top left)NYSED application form (completed, signed and dated)
  1. Office of Global Health Education acceptance letter
  2. Infection Control Certificate
  3. Dean's Verification letter

  • These documents must be successfully sent to the NYSED office- no exceptions. Students who do not comply with this requirement will not be allowed to begin their elective.
  • You will then receive a Letter of Eligibility/Permission from NYSED to study at WCMC.

8. Complete the following three WCM Online Exams once you are assigned a CWID:
  1. Annual Hospital Training for Students
  2. Fire Safety
  3. HIPAA

9. Obtain health insurance and malpractice insurance for the duration of your elective no later than one week prior to the start of your elective.
  • You must have personal / traveler’s insurance when you arrive, malpractice insurance with coverage up to $3 million USD total in the US.
  • You also must obtain influenza immunization if you are participating between November and April
  • Visit our Insurance page for suggestions- but insurance can be from any provider.

10. Send the following documents to Dianne Young by the indicated deadlines:

      Within 2 weeks:

                -completed NYSED application form

                -Annual Hospital Training for Students certificate

                -Fire Safety certificate

                -HIPAA certificate

      After obtaining visa:

                -proof of Health and Malpractice insurance

                -Passport + Visa/green card/ESTA + Return E-ticket to home medical school/country      

      Keep a copy of all your documents for your records.

11. Orientation
  • It is mandatory to attend the orientation prior to starting your elective.
  • The orientation typically lasts for one hour. Typically, the orientation is scheduled for the Thursday prior to the start of the elective.
  • Prior to orientation, student should obtain their WCMC ID from the security. In addition, students must complete and bring the Student Demographic form to the orientation.
  • At the orientation, students will sign the HIPPA document and receive details on the location and contact person for their elective.
  • A Welcome packet will be given to students containing details on Student Health, medical terminology, access to patient data and policy for student attendance.
You will also be instructed on how to use your CWID for patient access for medical labs and records in hospital when you have arrived:
  • At the hospital, you will use your CWID + password to access Eclypsis or Allscripts on computers in the medical library
  • If you have issues with patient access, contact Melba Fuertes for assistance at

Cancellation Policy

  • Should you need to cancel your elective, immediately notify Dianne Young via email at or by phone at (646) 962-8058.
  • Visit our Cancellation Policy page for more details regarding our policy and associated fees.

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